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Womens Butt and Hip Exercise Bands Set of 3

Womens Butt and Hip Exercise Bands Set of 3

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Women's Butt and Hip Exercise Bands Set of 3

Whether you're planning on working out at home, hitting the gym, exercising in the park, or attending a fitness class, our set of 3 booty bands can help to maximize your workout. The bands are non-slip, lightweight and durable. These butt and hip exercise bands are also easy on your skin, so you don't need to worry about snagging. They will serve your needs perfectly.

Each band can help to add resistance to the movements you make with your legs during your workout routine, helping you to better build your strength, stamina and balance. They are perfect for any form of exercise that can benefit from some added resistance, whether that's yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, P10X or a range of sports training. Therefore, if you're looking for resistance bands for a different purpose, these are great too. This is especially true as many of our customers use our resistance bands for rehabilitation exercises and by women for postnatal care. They are multi-purpose and can come in handy for many different scenarios.

The set consists of 3 bands, each with a different resistance level - light-resistance, medium-resistance and heavy-resistance. You can easily differentiate between the three, as they are color-coded, helping you to quickly and easily pick out the one you need at any given time. You can vary between. the three or work your way up from light resistance to heavy resistance over time.

As you can imagine, low-quality resistance bands can stretch out and become loose over time. Our bands are of a superior quality and will stand the test of time.

The booty bands come with a lightweight and portable travel bag, helping you to take them with you or to store them neatly and safely at home. The travel bag will ensure you can easily find your bands when you need them, rather than them scattering out and being left in different places.

Key Features

  • Durable & Lightweight: Each band weighs about 4 ounces and delivers high-levels of resistance.

  • Perfect With Any Workout: Great for variety of exercises such as CrossFit, yoga, strength training and more.

  • Multiple Uses: An excellent choice for body toning, therapy, rehab, stretching for your home gym and outdoor locations.

  • Superior Quality: Designed to take the abuse of repeated use and exercise giving you a worry-free workout.

  • What You Get: Three exercise bands and a storage bag for travel.

Product Size:

Band Dimension:

Light Resistance          5 x 3 inches (13" x 8cm)
Medium Resistance    6 x 3 inches (15" x 8cm)
Heavy Resistance        7 x 3 inches (17" x 8cm)

Product Weight:

Weight:  13 oz.

Package Includes:

3 x Resistance Bands
1 x Storage Bag
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